Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Saturday Night Live myspace.com Skit

Leave it to SNL to create a twist on the myspace.com craze. In this skit, the mom thinks she is in a class to teach everyone about Internet safety! Try these two links to see the short video.
LINK1 LINK2 - Enjoy the laugh.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tech Update

Things have changed a bit since the blog started last year. The main change is the use of video sharing. YouTube is so popular, teens watch it instead of television these days! Cell phones and PSP devices can be used to surf the Internet. Many laptops and computers have built in cameras. At the right is the new device from Apple Inc. which will become available in June. It will have cell phone, audio and video capabilities, a camera, text messaging, email, a notepad, and mobile web access. Many of these capabilities are already available on different devices. Make sure you know what is available on your family's device and learn how to use them properly so you can teach your kids how to use them. The amount of spam or junk mail, including solicitation to subscribe to pornography, which will be sent to these devices, will be astronomical. Stay informed about the new devices.