Friday, December 18, 2009

FCC Parent Place

If you have not visited the FCC Parent's Place portal, it is worth a visit. There is information about television shows, Internet Safety, obscenity and profanity, obesity, and more. I did not know that there were ratings for television shows. I guess I have not noticed or even know where to look.

Nutrition and obesity is a hot topic for today's teens and this site offers good nutrition information and several links to pursue. If that doesn't help your teen, have them watch the movie "Super Size Me".

In addition, there are hints about how to block certain television channels on your home tv. You may want to double check with your cable provider to be sure this method works on your cable system.

More than anything, read, stay involved, check what they are doing and keep the computer in a public location in your home.

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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Video Games for Christmas? Think again

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This season you may get requests for several video games. Before you go and purchase those requests, you may want to read this article about the "Cool Games for Kids". This is a review of popular games and describes the action and gore level. There are some additional hints for better choices at the end of each description.
Included is a list of CommonSense Media's 10 most violent video games. Be sure to read that list carefully. Print the list, so you can have it handy to ask others if they allow their kids to play them when your children are going to be at that home. I have to agree with some of their choices. I have watched my kids play games with their friends at my house. Some of the bloody stuff was too much for me. Teens are desensitized to the violence and that is what bothers me the most. When I hear that machine gun bursting, it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

My son and his friends are over 18 and like to play other games as well, Spore, Restaurant in Facebook, map maker from Call of Duty, and other map maker options. I have seen these kids play paintball, airsoft and make videos for fun. They are not violent kids, but they ARE desensitized to gore. Care should be taken in previewing the type of videos kids watch. The recent popularity of horror or gore movies gives me chills. I can't even watch the trailers. I am truly worried about this teen generation and their attitude toward death, torture, and violence in song, games movies and other media. Only time will tell the effects on our kids. The articles below contradict each other, but worth the read.
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Safe Eyes Team

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The Safe Eyes Team has a new newsletter out with suggestions for monitoring your child's iTouch or iPhone, a Best of the Web section, and some other links of interest to parents and teachers. One of the sections includes "5Tips for Parents" for keeping a web safe home. A link to their Internet safety blog features a story for top ideas for parents about Facebook.

You can subscribe to this blog and the site so any new updates will automatically be sent to your mailbox! Things on the Internet change frequently, so you may want to subscribe right away! You can subscribe using the RSS feed button, Facebook, or follow their comments on Twitter.
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Locking an iTouch or iPhone Parent Control

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This article is from Google knol a new service. It is a guide to setting up parent controls on the iTouch/iPhone devices.

This is important to all of us since the rise of Internet porn is easily accessible on the iTouch if it is connected to WiFi network, and free WiFi is everywhere. The review also mentions an app called Mobicip which acts as a filter for access to certain sites/movies/music (EXPLICIT)/ and TV Shows with ratings.
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Friday, August 14, 2009

Common Sense Media

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A national poll on teens and networking reveals that "51% of students check their social network at least once a day. Also, 12% of teens have an online presence that their parent do not know about." The tide is turning because it is not all inappropriate interaction. The study reveals that students join online study groups, sign up for a charity or cause to support by volunteering, create invitations and communicate with their peers.

Not only are their tips for parents about tens actions on the internet, but some signs to look for if your teen is cyberbulling others or using technology to cheat at school. There is a lot of good reading and you may want to subscribe to this site for updates in the information.

Teens and Social Media: Common Sense Media

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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Is It Safer Online for Teens?

According to a published report in ecampus news, the advance of better detection software as well as better law enforcement work, has resulted in more perpetrators caught for illegal online activity. The article states that better police work and public information has resulted in more arrests for child solicitation. The article also noted that these solicitations occur less frequently in chat rooms and more frequently on social network sites.

Watch this video from NECC. It is a discussion panel explaining the current research and statistics about student Internet use. In addition there is a short segment from the state of Virginia's Department of Education, Lance Nugent. Virginia is the first state to REQUIRE Internet safety programs for grades K-12.

Researchers stated that the factors that increase the possibility of sexual solicitation are: posting a photo, filling in a profile, being female, using the Internet to flirt. it does not matter if you post your city, school, or your interests. Anastasia Goodstein, from YPulse website, encouraged the audience to teach about appropriate use of Internet or cell phone. We should encourage good ethical behavior is important whether you are face to face or talking online.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Facebook Owns YOUR Stuff

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Most of the time people click the "Terms of Agreement" button "I agree" without reading the actual terms. Most of the time there is little to concern you as a consumer, but in the case of most social networks such as MySpace, Xanga and FaceBook, THEY own the content you post. All the photos, text, music and illustrations you put on your page or a friend's can be republished by the network without your permission and without attribution or royalty. Here is a story about the agreement from Facebook.
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